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Downloading graphics, for PC Users;
Right click on the image and choose "Save As" from the pop up menu.
To download the background, right click on an empty space and choose "Save Background As".
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Downloading graphics, for MAC users;
Click and hold on any image, choose "Download Image" from the pop up menu.
Download background here.
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For graphic file information hold your pointer over any image.
Note: The graphics on this page were designed to be used with this background.
hanbull1.jpg  1k  50 x 50 Download the entire theme. 60k
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Welcome Banner

In an attempt to offer graphics to a wide range of visitors, it seems I did not research this one very well as one visitor was so very kind to point out...
"if you are going to put up a HANUKKAH web page with things to download, have the decency to spell the word correctly. The ONLY acceptable spellings are HANUKKAH or CHANUKAH."

Since I am no longer making changes to this site or the graphics within, I have simply removed the banner graphic. If you download the .zip file, please do not use the Welcome Banner. I do think the other graphics are very pretty though and would hate to take them all down. My sincere apologies to anyone whom I have offended within the two years this theme has been online.. seriously, no one had pointed the error out to me before. If you have downloaded this theme in the past, please note the correct spelling of this Holiday.

Buttons -

Includes a blank button so you can make your own.
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