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USS Pasadena - SSN 752

Submarine Way Of Life

Qualified submariners wear the traditional insignia: A bow view of a submarine proceeding on the surface with bow planes rigged for diving, flanked by two dolphins (traditional attendants to Poseidon, the patron deity of sailors) resting their heads on the bow planes.

"Earning Dolphins" is one of the most significant events in a Navy submariner's career - one of those special high points that instills great personal pride and recognizes a tremendous accomplishment.

Dolphins are earned through a process of "Qualifying ". Individuals must learn the location of all major equipment, operation of all systems, damage control procedures and have a solid understanding of operational characteristics of their boat. Dolphin wearers qualify initially on one boat and must requalify on boats to which they are subsequently assigned.

Once Dolphins have been earned, they are awarded by the Commanding Officer in a special ceremony.


"Eternal Father, strong to save,

Whose arm hath bound the restless wave,

Who biddest the mighty ocean deep

Its own appointed limits keep.

O hear us when we cry to Thee

For those in peril on the sea.

Bless those who serve beneath the deep,

Through lonely hour their vigil keep.

May peace their mission ever be.

Protect each one we ask of Thee.

Bless those at home who wait and pray.

For their return by night or day."

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