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Thank you so much to those that have deemed my site
special enough for an award!

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Resource 98 Award
Net Resources
Resource 98 Award
"Excellent Site! I'll be listing you in the winner pages...this evening. I do appreciate good and useful Webpages. FYI, the success rate for this award is less than 5%. "

Donald - December 3, 1998

Interenet Select's Best Of The Best
Interenet Select's
Best Of The Best Award
"Rarely do we see such combination of artistic talent, creativity and web design! We are proud to present to you the most prestigious award our website could offer -- you were simply the "Internet Select's Best of the Best" and that makes you stand out among the rest.

Keep up the good work and God Bless ! "

Nick - November 27, 1998

Key Site Award
Fortress Web Design
Key Site Award
"After reviewing your web site, I could tell you've put a lot of time into it. For your efforts, I would like to present you with the New Key Site Award for excellence in web design. I found your website interesting and the design and navigation were of good quality. You also offered content that was original (very important!). All of which make a visitor want to return. It is sites such as yours that make browsing the web so enjoyable."

Tom - November 15, 1998

Bronze Award
Neilsen Web Sites &
Business Graphics

Bronze Award
"I enjoyed surfing your site, and I am sure everybody else will too. You have won the Bronze Award!..."

Eric - November 12, 1998

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