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    Blackat's Free Web Graphics offers original graphics free for use on both personal and commercial web sites. Although they are free to use, they are still copyrighted to Blackat. Below you will find the terms of free use. By downloading or using any graphics within this site, you automatically agree to these terms. Thank You!

    • Return links for PERSONAL website use: Although a link back to Blackat's Web graphics on personal sites would be highly appreciated, it is not required.
    • Return links for COMMERCIAL website use: A copyright statement must appear on the page where my graphics are used along with a link back to the Main page of my site.
    • The URL to my Main page is http://blackat9.tripod.com. Many of the Themes include banners you can use in conjuction with a link if you choose or you can browse the Linking Banners page.

    • All graphics used must be uploaded to your own web page server. Do not link directly to any graphics on this site. Tripod now automatically blocks outside linking for certain file types including .JPG.
    • Directions on how to download are included on every graphics page. This includes directions for both PC and Mac users. Direct URLs to the individual graphics are also provided for WebTV users to be used for Transloading graphics to thier web server. They are not provided to be direct links on your site.

    • The graphics within this site are not to be resold or redistributed in any manner and should not be directly associated with any product or service. Use is limited to web sites and should not be used in desktop publishing, multimedia, print or any other medium without prior consent. You can contact me at blackat9@tripod.net
    • Please do not use my graphics on any site which contains pornography or inflammatory material.

    That's it! By downloading or using any graphic from within this site, you automatically agree to the terms above. I hope you have fun browsing my collection and I wish you the best of luck on your Web Page project!

    Thank you for visiting Blackat's Free Web Graphics!

    Blackat's Free Web Graphics Questions or Comments? E-mail Blackat - blackat9@tripod.net
    Images and layout copyrighted to Blackat, please follow the terms of use in the
    Download Agreement.